The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin


One of the great things about books is that we can get a look inside the minds of brilliant and successful people. We can see how they think and how they process information. We can learn from their mistakes to avoid wasting our own time and energy. Reading autobiographies and self-improvement books are the best ways to access this knowledge. These types of books allows … [Read more...]

Should You Listen to Music While Reading?


Cozying up with a good book is one of life's great pleasures. To make the experience even more pleasant, some like to listen to music while reading. But is this a good idea? When reading, you must do so with focus. Thus, having music in the background adds another variable to the equation, which inherently disrupts focus.This is especially the case with more upbeat and … [Read more...]

How to Get More Out of Reading with this Simple Note-Taking Method


One of the biggest problems readers face is that they aren't retaining enough information from the books they read. Some assume that simply reading a book is enough to digest information and make use of it. That somehow, our brains are juat supposed to absorb this information like osmosis. It doesn't work like this. For readers to really absorb information from a book, … [Read more...]

How to Get Organized by Will Freemen


Rigid discipline, focus and good habits are the foundation of a successful man. But the path to achieving these often leaves people frustrated and confused. If you want to do everything you should be doing in a daily routine like fitness, reading, making money, eating healthy and having fulfilling relationships, you’re going to have to find a way to schedule all these things … [Read more...]

Did Amy Schumer’s Book Flop?


I’m sure you all have been anxiously awaiting Amy Schumer’s new book: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. I hate to disappoint you all, but I won’t be writing a review of this book. Please forgive me. Instead, I’ll be analyzing her book launch, sales, and the role of Simon & Schuster, her publisher. (I apologize if I triggered anyone by posting her naked … [Read more...]

The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones


Most men dream of dating beautiful women, having money working for themselves, traveling the world and having no drama. To most guys this is a fantasy. But for Alpha 2.0’s this is just a day in the life. In The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones, he shows you how to unlock this reality. This is one of the most comprehensive self-improvement books I’ve ever read. It covers … [Read more...]

Are PUA and Dating Books a Waste of Time?


When I first read The Game by Neil Strauss, my mind was opened to a whole new world. The possibility of meeting a pretty girl, saying a few lines and having her naked was dumbfounding. Needless to say it wasn't this easy. I was around 16 when first exposed to The Game and the PUA industry. I wasn't going out to nightclubs like these guys were. Moreover, I was still afraid … [Read more...]

The #1 Way Independent Authors Can Sell More Books


Since starting Masculine Books I've worked with a lot of authors. Too often I see that their book sales aren't where they should be (Anybody can track these sales via the sales rank on an Amazon page). Of course, not all books will be best sellers. Most will sell a few hundred copies at best. Yet, any author who has put hard work, sweat and tears into a book wants to sell … [Read more...]

When You Should Start Reading in a Foreign Language

rosetta stone

Books and foreign languages—two of my favorite subjects. Both stimulate the mind, help us become better people, and open up so many possibilities. They’re an absolute must for men looking to get the most out of life. I had never thought that these two subjects were connected, but I had been overlooking one obvious fact: Books are written in languages besides … [Read more...]

An Interview with Will Freemen: Author of How to Sell

will freemen

Will Freemen recently published How to Sell (Review | Ebook). It's a no-nonsense guide on making money in the sales industry. He doesn't bullshit his audience like the guys giving motivational seminars. Rather, he tells you what it's really like being on the sales floor and grinding away, something most 'Gurus' have never done. Will is currently living in Chang Mai as a … [Read more...]