Once a Gun Runner by Efraim Diveroli

once a gun runner

What were you doing when you were 18 years old? Like most other teens, you were probably getting shipped off to college. Saying goodbye to mommy and daddy, and getting ready for your first taste of freedom. When Efraim Diveroli was 18, he had already established himself as an international arms dealer. He had millions in the bank after having procured massive contracts … [Read more...]

Editing Services are Now Available!

B42ART Editing an English language document

One of my goals with Masculine Books is to help men write and publish books that help their fellow man. Writing reviews and sending out tweets is great, but I want to be more active in the process of creating and marketing these books. Having read hundreds and hundreds of books, written 100+ reviews, and having worked with dozens of authors I know what makes an excellent … [Read more...]

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

essentialism by greg mckeown

There are too many distractions in our daily lives. Due to our advanced technology and modern way of life we have to deal with a lot of unwanted issues: We have clients who want to have meetings all the time. Our friends ask us for favors and to hang out. New work opportunities arise that we feel obligated to accept. This is all simply too much for one man to … [Read more...]

8 Great Books On the 2016 Election

election 2016

This is a Presidential Election like no other. The media frenzy has made discussion of this election non-stop since Spring of 2015. And yet, despite all this information we’ve been told by the media, so little of it is useful. To really understand what is going on in these elections you need to read books. The reason you must dig deep into books is because in 2016 the media … [Read more...]

Thirty Seven by Quintus Curtius

thirty seven by quintus curtius

The essays in Thirty Seven echo those writers and orators of centuries past. A true, burning love of life, wisdom and masculinity, as the subtitle makes clear. To convey his thoughts and ideals, Quintus brings to light anecdotes about great men of the past: Their struggles, successes, losses, victories, deaths and eternal glory. Like his other works, Thirty Seven bridges … [Read more...]

The Masculine Books Guide to Self-Improvement is Here!


I'm happy to announce that I've finished the Masculine Books Guide to Self-Improvement. The book is a collection of some of my best articles on self-improvement, as well as some original content. There is also a reading list at the end which includes a couple dozen book recommendations. The book is designed to help you think about your current approach to self-improvement, … [Read more...]

Balls Deep by Nick Krauser

balls deep by nick krauser

I had never done day game before, with the exception of a few approaches in college. Yet, my interest in the subject had been rekindled after being in Russia for just a short period of time. The sheer amount of beautiful, feminine women walking around compelled me to want to learn day game. Ogling these beauties is one thing, but being able to stop them and get their number … [Read more...]

Armor of Glass by R.M.A. Spears

armor of glass by rma spears

Armor of Glass is about a rough and tough marine going through one of the toughest battles a man can face. No, it was not in war. It wasn’t PTSD either. Ron faces problems that many adult men face: Marriage, work, finding purpose etc. Dealing with his past and our future, and how to move things forward when all seems broken. The book is written as a memoir. He walks … [Read more...]

The Modern Self-Improvement Scam: What You Must Avoid

self help

Walk into any book store and you’ll find a self-improvement section. These books sell pretty well, with certain authors building a strong following. I worked at a Barnes & Noble so I can indeed attest. Not surprisingly, many of the people who diligently read these books get nowhere with their problems. Instead, the book just fills them with feel-good mumbo-jumbo. … [Read more...]